Tour with Voice Recognition

Right now, I am focusing mostly on my new harmony duo with Anjalisa Aitken. We will be performing concerts on the Big Island of Hawaii on January 17 and 26. We return to the mainland for a Songwriters At Play feature on March 20 in Pismo Beach, a house concert in San Luis Obispo on March 22, and a few appearances in the Bay Area. For full details, please email me through the Contact page.

Email Lists

The best way to catch me performing is to sign up for my email list. I send out two or three emails a month about upcoming shows. I have two lists, one for the Bay Area and one for San Luis Obispo County. If you’d like to be on one of them, please let me know through my Contact page.

San Francisco open mics

I’m currently frequenting the Sacred Grounds open mic on Thursdays, and the Hotel Utah on Mondays. Feel free to email me here if you’d like to find out if I’m going on a particular night. There are many live recordings of my songs on the Utah’s website. The Utah is boisterous and fun, Sacred Grounds acoustic and nurturing, both are highly varied with entertaining hosts and a supportive, attentive crowd. Highly recommended, especially if you sign up and play!

Songwriters At Play, SLO County

Steve Key hosts a remarkable series of showcases in the San Luis Obispo County area. I make appearances often; Steve says that if he handed out frequent flyer miles, I’d be at the top of the list. There are several Songwriters At Play showcases each week. Generally there is a featured performer, who plays a 40-minute set, and a half dozen guest songwriters with four songs apiece. The shows are mostly original music, and each showcase is a unique treat. Contact me here if you’d like to be on my SLO County or Bay area email list.