Summary (So Far)

I messed around with electronics quite a bit as a kid. I’d put things together according to diagrams, and if they didn’t work, I’d change something and see what happened, and get a feeling for what was happening inside the black box.

When I started doing audio electronics in earnest, I found the oscilloscope. Here’s a cool handmade one by Andrew Smith.

An oscilloscope is a powerful tool, a visualizer, that lets you look right into the black box. It feels almost like cheating. All the energy that went into detective work can now be put to creative purposes. Electronics is much easier when you can directly see what’s happening in there.

I feel that hearing the notes in their untempered form, and learning their relationships on the lattice, has connected me with music in a similar way. Was blind, but now I see.

I’ve finished my first goal for this blog — to create and post the Flying Dream video, and post enough information for an interested person to understand it. I could go on for a long time about the uses of the lattice, and I imagine I will. It’s a fabulous tool.

There will be a slight pause in this blog as I write and rehearse for some upcoming shows. I intend to be back with some new subjects, especially an exploration of consonance and dissonance. If this work interests you, and you’d like to discuss it, you can reach me through the contact page.

Oh, and the matrix in which all of this is happening is love.

Next: Mozart on the Lattice

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